Zoom H2
Zoom H2

H2, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Zoom in the H2 series.

MGR/Billy 02/21/2011

Zoom H2 : MGR/Billy's user review

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This is the H2 hand held recording put out by Zoom and Samson Technologies. It offers all sorts of recording options in one unit. I believe their are 4 microphones inside of it. You can even record in 5.1 Surround Sound.

I needed a recorder quickly so that I could do an interview for a blog that I write. I had an MP3 player that could record by wanted something better. Every search hand held recorders around $100? Yes, TONS of them out there.

I was looking for easy to use and good sound quality. The Zoom looked like it offered the best recording quality at a fair price. I paid $199 which included a bundle pack of the much appreciated wall plug, a 2 gig memory card (plenty of recording time) and a gig bag (protects decently)

It sounds great! I a/b'd it with my MP3 player's recorder. I knew it would crush it but I was impressed by how much better the sound was. I was using it to interview someone and the audio was crystal clear. I recorded it as an MP3 file.

I was impressed with the stereo spread. Listening back through headphones it feels like I'm actually there. I can't wait to record a band with this.

It takes a bit of a learning curve to use it. This can be frustrating and could lead you to losing valuable information.

They could have made it a bit more user-friendly.

Fits nicely into my hand as well is into my pocket. It feels adequate construction. I could easily break this (not that I want to throw away $200!) but it does not feel flimsy or cheap.

Make great sounding recordings with this budget-friendly, handy recorder.

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