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Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer V-Amp 2
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Da_gratteux Da_gratteux
Publié le 02/24/05 à 04:06
Value For Money : Excellent
- What are the effects or types of effects available?
- What technology is used? (Analog, numrique, lamp ...)
- Are they ditables? Via an editor Mac / PC?
- What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI)
- Is this a rack or rack MODEL?

So you if I remember correctly 32 amp simulations, fifteen speaker simulation (a * is an 8 to 4 * 12), a fairly wide range of effects of quite variable quality, but I would later ...

This is a very numrique, presets are ditables via a PC, free and tlchargeable behringer site.

The connection is trs complte, instrument input, headphone output, output amplifier / console / sound left and right, between power supply, MIDI in and out, and also an auxiliary input for CD player, drum machine etc. ...

And it is the MODEL form pdalier, rack version benefitted from a more complte connection ... (notably between numrique output and AES / EBU, but hey Amoin to work in a studio is not much)


Uh, the manual is .... Not always super clear, it must be admitted, the beginners I struggled to find my sound, and will make a month and I still can not use a noise gate, which I though would be useful ...

APRS in terms of a select maple, equalization, selection effects, there's just turn the knobs and it's good, no need to get out of Polytechnic ...

The point is to ngatif CHAC auc advanced options ...


There's good and the trs plutt bad, let me explain:

The simus are generally good, the Brit hi-gain (JCM 800), American blues (fender bassman 59 '), Rectified-hi-gain (mesa dual recto), modern hi-gain (Soldano SLO 100), tweed combo, and The models "v-amp 'in crunch and drive are good trs is the ones I personally prfre on the simulation of bassman found out the grain" tube "...

Sounds pretty clear its a dificil Boten is that it's easely bte drive, and finally the "classic clean" (jc120) with a sudden chorus is beautiful ...

on the other hand, ngatif point: the breath, not when you get to use the noise gate (like me: p) has quickly become ugly when you put a lot of gain.

In use "studio", connected to a PC, has done wonders, the facielment was a BIG sound, as well as a very nice crunch for blues, but a combo branch, I find it fantastic, a breath, and means that the numrique, there's no way to have a real big sound ... but the good bbte Has made for the studio ;-)

Ct effects of the Delia, chorus, phaser pluttrussi are, in fact it's the ones I use most: p
As against the auto wah, flanger and are rotten, I explain, auto wah we hear not so much, and the flanger to hear a donf must push ', but is meant most to him: p

I put 7, -3 is mainly for the impossibility to have a branch in a big combo.


Pay a little prs 100 Thomann, I should trs well, I can register and have an excellent, and when he was asked not to make a big sound, a branch of combo you get a draw even when something good ...

Even if all effects and simus are not scabs, if one is mtalleux, we give a damn whether the simulation of vox AC30 is good as long as the front ensures the same, if we play especially in crunch and clear, you fucking well know that the front da breath like a pig as long as the JC120 assure ;-) In short, everyone will find it is on a is not a big multi rack, but for the price we are bluffs, trs good report quality price!

I do it again without hsiter this choice, no need to slam 80 more for a POD!
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