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koak38 11/01/2006

Behringer V-Amp : koak38's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
- 2 knobs, one for amp simulations, the other for the effects
- Several ways: noise gate, cabinets (simulates Bafle), type of reverb ...
- 1 input jack
- 2 stereo outputs so
- Supply
- Entry to the pedal
- Tuner ...


Relatively simple to use even if the manual is very helpful at first to recognize the type of amp and to access certain menus (noise gate ...).
If not, we understand very quickly the fonctionnemnet (more than other products of its kind).


I bought it, telling me that I will change probabelment later for something better but I do not separate more. However, I do serves as certain types of amp and effect:
- "Rectified" for fat distortion with the compressor
- "Tube preamp" with a bit of reverb (reverb attention to ... it increases the sound funny) to vintage rock sounds.
- "Clean" for clean sounds christallins (not great though)
- The others are a little rough
The effects are good but should not ask too much.

I use it with a Gibson "The Paul II" (I love) and a tube preamp "tubeman". With that I sound a madman (both vintage and modern ...).
I use it to record but also on stage as it adds sustain and gain dégueux not.

PBS: - not used alone on stage (too small and difficult to use
- The damn switch (pedal) with a latency to move from one sound to another
- No possibility to store your own sounds


I use the amp for 3 years V
I have tried many of the same type and c the best value for money (ah behringer)
if I loose, I buy the head V-tone, it sends and I really trusted behringer since.