Johnson Amplification J-Station
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Artsurf 01/12/2005

Johnson Amplification J-Station : Artsurf's user review


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First of all, I am not a box of this kind of hardware I had up Submitted the habit of using multi-effects without pdaliers mmorisation (Style Boss BE 5), ... modlisation then the amp, ... know.

On the other hand, I use the brothel in home studio, direct connection to the recorder (Korg D 1600 for info).

Finally, I do not possde optional pedals, and bought this product OCCAZ, in the province to 220.

Well, except in the CHARACTERISTICS, what I find is the PC interface glove. Indeed, (ah ah ah), this interface parat me well built, easy to accsmme without notice, and it is super comfortable when you said a lot of sound diffrent that can save custom settings, give a little each its name, and store in a quiet PC. It is a comfortable working apprciable trs. I do not know if the tone lab and other pod offer the same thing, but it gnial! Interface and updates to the site of tlchargeables Johnson.

Modlisations amp for guitar and bass! This is one of lments that motivated my choice.

Stereo TRS Output practices.

Number and variation on effects: good!

Bote Russia strong and Aesthetics: sober and class!


Manual franais friendly and well rdig.

Without the PC interface (or pdalier pm), you have that 1 / 3 of J-Station! Indeed, you will not only paramtrer your belongings with the J-Station, or what, in summary Manir trs. It is an impractical pdalier Midi or PC.

The interface all ceremonial clearly, everything is easy and paramtrable ditable: a roll.


Compared the quality of the effects I find nothing wrong, may be lack of effects like filters, to get sounds a little zarb 'and cratifs.

In terms of modlisations amp, I can well find myself, among which are proposed diffrent distos grainy or not, the grave marked, and with the knobs DIFFERENT gain and two ass, you get no problem finding a sound that goes well. However, there are only 3 or 4-channel modlisations clear, and I just find it a bit, especially for a trs slamming his very dynamic.

In terms of modlisations low, I can get good sounds groovy, with an effective compressor is gnial!

Finally, I too used simulators HP, except when I could not find a sound that satisfies me, or to refine a sound.

But then again, I have only just trs lments of references and comparisons.


Of all the notes, it took me around 9, because the product satisfies me a lot, and I did not lments of comparison, (there may be products even better!?).

So it's a bit stupid, but I am satisfied that note.

On the other hand, I am satisfied with this product trs to make my compositions, I find a great wealth at the range of sounds and effects, an easy to use, and m'vite d buy a camera to record my bass supplmentaire, so I'm trs, trs, happy!