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RickD 07/31/2008

Line 6 POD 2 : RickD's user review


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This has reverb, chorus, delay, compressor, flange, phaser, rotary, tremolo and some combinations.

It's all digital.

You can edit with the numerous knobs, very easily. Tap tempo is very handy!
I believe there is a PC edition mode but never bothered with it.

Big jacks in & out (stereo out), midi.

Not rackable, but that seems pointless. ;-)


Very simple to use.

Editing is very easy, yes.

Can't remember needing the manual that much but it was clear too.


The effects are usable...depending on how hard you mix them in maybe, but yeah, it's usable.
Now, if you have a TC Electronic sitting by then maybe you won't bother using these, but i have a G-Force and i have used the tremolo on this, and the reverb isn't bad either actually. Sounds more like an amp reverb than dedicated reverb units do.

Used this on electric & acoustic...worked very well.

I don't like most of the distortions in this...actually the Line 6 amps sound best to me...


I've had it about 4 years or so, i think.

I like that it's small...complete...and lets you play at any time of day or pretty much any style...and you can record it & it sounds fine...if you get your settings good. ;-)

You must remember this unit is old, and pretty much the i tried no other, it was totally the best at the time and was a gift actually...very expensive one at the time, i was amazed! ;-p
I think that for the current price it's a bargain!

I'd probably go for a pro rack if i were to buy one now cos i want digital out, but i'd try out the competition....and maybe go for one of those floor thingies that let you install VST plugins on THAT sounds unbeatable!