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songboy 03/22/2010

Line 6 POD 2 : songboy's user review


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There is just about every effect you can think of for a guitarist on this unit including delay, compression, phase, vibrato, chorus, many kinds of distortion, etc...... This model cannot be edited by a computer, at least not traditionally. I think MidiQuest XL and other programs like that could do it via the midi inputs. No, it is not designed to be racked. This is completely digital. There is only 1/4" mono in and out and Midi in and out.


The effects editing is fairly easy via a couple of knobs and buttons on the front of the unit. The general configuration is fairly simple and everything is written out on the unit for you to find and edit fairly quickly. I wouldn't recommend trying to edit live though unless you have enough light to read it. The manual is clear enough and should be able to answer all of the questions you need to know.


I use this mainly for guitar and occasionally I would run a synth through it. In my opinion, I didn't like the Pod very much as I felt it sucked the tone out of my Parker Fly guitar. All the effects were fairly tinny sounding and once I started using true analog effects, I sold this unit immediately. There were some pretty cool distortions on this thing but for the most part, I didn't like most of the effects.


Besides the poor sound quality, one of the things I really didn't like about this unit is when you tried to do some editing in a live situation, you ran the risk of selecting a distortion that was preset so hot, you would feedback and/or blow out your ears (and the audiences' ears too) if you weren't careful. In the end, the only thing I liked about this unit was using it for headphone practice, or just laying an idea out on my recording unit without needed to set up all my gear and a mic for the amp. I paid $100 used for this which was not too much money but it never really impressed me. I was able to break even on it when I sold it so that was good. I give it a 6 out of 10 for sound quality. Pretty tinny and no one could be fooled into thinking it was analog technology. I bought the Boss ME 50 shortly after and it was much much better. No, I would pass on this unit in a heart beat.