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jmarcz 08/09/2008

Line 6 POD 2 : jmarcz's user review


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Red and practice.
simul amp and cab are plenty (32) but ended up not in use only 2 or 3 and more traditional in general.
effect: the modulations except the most common phaser (chorus, flanger, Leslie simultaneously, tremolo), delay, compressor.
Never tried the editing of presets via PC but doable SELNI the doc.
Midi control can name more but never used.
Not at all in the rack version Bean.


You turn the knobs, there has been adjusting and playing.
Yes the button is not motorized but ...
The manual is not very useful when you know you have to use the Tap to have the secondary function (that should be listed on the box) unless you want to use it or edit the MIDI preset by PC .
With the floorboard is an even more convenient you can activate or not the effects separately feet (Modulation, Delay, Drive), there is a volume pedal and no access to the tuner which is good practice and live wah and more (not great but practical too).


I join the opinion of Bixbee indeed the Pod is for me above all a great headphone amp complete with a small multi-effect, it can become a very versatile amp if you plugged into an amplifier, ie a minimum in the FX loop simulation and without HP. Of course, in this case is less simple to use as a combo!
on the other hand when using something like a floor amplified while we go up.

The downside to using it live small cuts to its preset changes, that includes in saturated at a rhythm. If we change just setting on the same amp simulator and HP that does not occur. The disadvantage of this is that if we are to avoid cuts and a move from its clear to another you have to find the saturated simultaneously makes me well'm making bank with his ABCD simultaneously and even more settings, it's like having 9 amps.

I personally use the simulation to correct or JCM with a guitar equipped with a double and I play mostly stuff from the U.S. with saturation so it does it very well. I find that lack a bit of crunch safe but I do not really know what kind of sound. I also find that some simulated cab are anecdotal.


The Pod is the Swiss Army Knife of a guitarist, a more complete thanks to the presence SansAmp effects but with limitations in terms of sound quality of digital (I mean mostly dynamic).
At the price where it is sold today is really a wise investment for a beginner. back effect in any amp that can try out different types of sound (fender, marshall, boogie) and main effects.