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Line 6 POD 2 : Anonymous 's user review


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It is above all an amp simulator, coupled with a prossesseur effect.
sounds can be edited and the camera is controllable noon.


The configuration is very simple, and can already use the device in an intuitive way, but reading the manual is mandatory for the tips used as the boost, firms or tuning effects.
reading the manual is very pleasant and digestible.


Despite what some say, the effects are qualities alone reverbs are not too early, but they are measured out their work.
When the most important, with simus, we have a huge number of amp with carractère very different. I was mad nice to know if it's a simulation of marchal or fender. I have the full preamp with which I peus me sounds tailor. There follow well the grain of the guitar, and are very warm, quite honestly a lot more friendly pod XT or XT live, I know what I mean, I've owned.
Special mention poue sounds clear. saturated sounds are not leftovers, crunch or bite hyper saturated, everything is possible.
for effects, the tremolo is really successful.
by taking the time you can really make sounds small onions!


This little bean is a blessing to my back and the trunk of the car. Direct sound, I sound, and at home the cash in monitorings great!
opportunity is found in a stoppered bread, er ... bean (red).
Bon appetite!