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Line 6 POD 2 : Anonymous 's user review


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The effects are most common and are of exellent quality to tell you, I had to buy 3 times the pod and tried other modlisations and I always came back to the pod 2.0. so you have 2 2 chorus flanger, delay, compressor, and effects trmolo shuffled delay compressor, delay, chorus, delay, flanger and delay swell. technology is 100% numrique but sounds better than a pod xt live or pod xt all. We can connect the pod to a computer, download the presets etc ... but for me the machine she simply sought APRS same sounds. I have prfrs Soldano marshall and fender.


It is easy to use compared to other machines on the market and the explanations of the manual are clear and compltes. called line 6 amps without fear of procsmme if they had. vox dare not explicitly name his modlisations the blow back is lacking. j'dite sounds through a floorboard, which is my sense complment most of the machine. attentio made the pod 2.0 out now they are not compatible floorboard but you have a pod and is indicated pedal at the storming of the PDAL it will put a floorboard. but if it is indicated FBV PDAL it will put an FBV Shortboard.


The effects are trs effective, responsive and ralistes, I use many guitars with diffrent, and none that I like or that I dtest all have their usefulness .


I use the pod 2.0 since its commercial release. there are 2 or 3 years. what I like most is the distortion functions and boost the drive floarboard rmetent that boost the machine and to make the best in all cases. I know all other machines and modeling for me, the pod appears to be the best compromise. I do it again this choice without hesitation.