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Line 6 POD 2 : Anonymous 's user review


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That says it all

remember too the fact the models for which they have to press another button, and remember also the possible change speakers


To use it is not particularly complicated, if not access to 16 other models and speakers, for which they must simultaneously press a button and turn the amps or effects (I know it ' is not particularly complicated, but the use is not very practical


For the sound it depends on the modeling, the marshall is not bad at all, the fender and vox too, mesa and Soldano too synthetic for my taste, the effects themselves are not too bad although it would love to be free in their combination, otherwise the noise gate, are done automatically somehow, ie diffiilement, there are a breath. equalization of the knobs are very sensitive, this whole bean (pod in English), allows one to sculpt sound (his?) for the n can spend time there (especially in using the effects) but if you had the jcm lazy modeling will be perfect, we gain a little quick editing and the equa hop ...


I've had eight months, I am generally happy even if I can be sorry not to be going to the pod XT that facilitate enrgistrement thanks to its USB port