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fabou13 10/31/2005

Line 6 POD 2 : fabou13's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Amp Simulators (Marshall, Soldano, etc. ..) and effects (chorus, compressor, etc ...) to "model" (100% digital).

+ 30-amp models
+ 10 models of speakers (combo, mesa 4 * 12, etc ...)
+ 10 standard effects
EQ minimum (low, medium and high), presence also


Use requiring a few hours of practice, but mostly you have to take the time to read the entire record: Essential to achieve his ends


When we used a small combo, it's impressive. It can be quite distraught at the number of possible settings, but for my part I always converges to some sounds for each of my styles: rock metal and 60-70's especially.

Between these two styles, I appreciate especially the possibilities of POD for 70's rock (Led Zep, Hendrix, ACDC, etc.), its crunches are great (eg small tweed and black panel). (All this low volume)

For metal (heavy pattern, speed), the "Soldano" is a must.


For the price I paid: € 100 used, I filled in that I sought to give new life to my sound.

Very good quality / price ratio for an amateur like me (but who has an ear demanding)

This three months that I have and I never get tired of her and I enjoy more and more often.

I did not know the "modeling", well it's a great technology.