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fops33 09/02/2005

Line 6 POD 2 : fops33's user review


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Ultimate amp simulator. Technology modlisation of line 6 is dconcertante. Not a question of having the sound of a marshall or three bodies of a Mesa Boogie, but to remain close to those sounds.
I use a coupled Tubeman II of Hughes and Kettner and I think overall the sounds gloves knowing that I play mostly rock 80's and 90's.


As the knobs on an amp, the handling takes a little practice, but everything is perfectly clear, and within hours it can be imagined the great JIMI.


This is an amp simulator, the situation is l.
Personally, a big tip of the hat for the simultaneous Fender, Vox, Marshall Plexi, Dumble.
Other simulations are certainly good, but trs ps I do not know enough about the original amps to make an objective opinion.
In any case, considering the price, a wonderful machine to work at home. I prfre significantly raise the pod II in my mixer, it connects in the same line from my computer.
Note 9 is that it is a amp simulator.


200 euros is unbeatable and you will have hours of great guitar with this little Beanstalk