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bricewayne 02/18/2004

Vox Tonelab : bricewayne's user review


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Nothing more than what is said ds product description
= bulk) effects efficient, no strange effects unusable sometimes found on multi-effects pedals (like ZOOM = GX700) and say that I was before!)


Configuration is very simple! is also a key product
it is used basically as an amp knobs
the record is clear, well done and fast, I would say even friendly (we want to read it, which is the case tjrs qd dballe on the gear and you quickly want to try the tt plug beast!)
I think the machine is intuitive, turn the knobs on the tests made on its fate
rl short a pleasure to use (unlike the decision-head small multi effects with their instructions 300pages ... see photo): o)


To start recall that I am not a pro or a professional sound effects ... then commits more than me ...
I was looking for my guitar effects, pedals and more I hesitated and then I went to a prampli, I do not necessarily looking for a significant amount of effect but rather a quality of effect (ds distortion reverb chorus delay ...)
Briefly, I have the beast for 2 days and jsuis ever fallen in love! you turn you are doing tests on a tt sounds and what a pleasure to change tower speaker amp a button!
2 modes princiapux = manual =) you and you do a tamper your sauce and a way prselectionn: with backups qqs INTERESTED =) CARLOS you press and you sound like a miracle happens in your ears santana ... well after left that make the guitar scream! if there are good preselection tt depends on your style (funk clapton angus jazz police ...)
special attention to the Rotary (effect) branch with the headphone! (= O is the effect turns to his résumé) a gem!
short ts effects st adjustable wish ...
most, if you like playing in the evening or at night is to put the headset (Stereo) and use the VOx =) amazing quality!
I use the info to Vox with Ibanez S Classic and a Marshall JCM900 4102 100W lamp
but the Vox is working with other amps a little less powerful
I stop right there is too much to say ...


I saw a dmo last weekend I broke down and I ordered it for 510 euros (a bit expensive at first and then qd means what comes out of the amp is r alise that it was a great deal)
the small problem is that the pedals is not sold with (you have to install a rigid panel to be able to handle the beast in repeated and / or concert) the pedals should cost between 170 and 200euros (for more later)
I would do if the members choose?? I wonder also pk I have not done before, and especially what I do here then I could go back to my bb ... you guessed the VOX Tonelab, it's more that 'indispensable!