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Newcas 11/20/2003

Vox Tonelab : Newcas's user review


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- Light Electro-Harmonix (triode)
- 96 programs (+ shipping and soft to backup PC via MIDI)
- 22 modliss effects (Ibanez TS7, Pro Rat etc ...)
- 16 amps, choice, modliss (sr good Vox, Fender, Marshall Plexi, JCM 800, 900, Rectifier, Soldano ...)
- 10 MODELS DSurround modlises
- Headphones
- Optical digital output for recording numrique
- MIDI I / O.
- LCD (optimal readability, VISULAS paramtre of any changes).


Ultra easy to use. Everything is in paramtrable faade. You turn the knobs, and rings IMMEDIATE.


Trs large variety of sounds, from vintage to modern, from clean to dirty trash and trs. Trs really versatile. All modlisations (amp simulator and HP) are usable, and all the effects (distos, Univibe, good reverb, time limit plates etc ...)
I got no dchets.
I plug a Telecaster and an SG sound, sound, sound!


I use it for 3 weeks, and I fell in love. I replaced my Pod 2 with no intention of rutiliser so the VOX sounds better: both warmer and more Dfine (the SETTING THE Presence and Treble Boost .. yum).
Really gnial for direct recording. Excellent also connected to a receiver.
In short, I can not compare it with the Pod XT that I do not know (in the same price range), but much better than the Pod 2 in any case (which remains a good choice when trs m sr me well).
I have also an AC30, and I found the headphone the same sensations ...
I would do as you have understood the same choice!