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LeBeginner 10/14/2011

Vox Tonelab : LeBeginner's user review

«  What happiness!! »

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There's so many good reviews for the beast that I do not see the point of adding a more descriptive, especially as the Tonelab Desktop no longer manufactured, I think is just to express the pleasure I took to play with this unit.


Although "it may, what I appreciate is the ease of editing presets with Amp-like interface .... it's simple and very effective. The editor soft to his interest, but However, I prefer to fiddle with the knobs that the mouse ...
I think we are much in this case.
The manual is very clear, very helpful at first but soon it will be happening.
The chromatic tuner is a real plus.


there are several effects section. I personally have given up the first (only Wha is of real interest for my taste, but I'm not the pedals .... not serve).
Everything else (delay, reverb and modulation) is very good.
A lot of momentum and heat. At the time of purchase, I could compare it with a POD (I think the XT) and the same guitar .... and I am left with the Tonelab ....

When I bought the Tonelab, I was happy owning a copy strat red Hohner ST Special (autographed by Mark Knopfler anyway). Before I had a ZOOM GFX-707, then you can imagine the difference? ... it was a pleasure, but I'm tired quickly, because the guitar was really not up to par.

Part I then played on an Ibanez SA160 QM. It was much better (the guitarist was playing better too ;-)). But again, I'm tired of the sound of this guitar. I was two fingers to change the pickups.

But since February, I did purchase a Fender Classic Player 60 '. And I rediscovered the joy of playing with the Tonelab. I've probably shed a tear or two. For me who lives in an apartment, I plug the Tonelab on my sound card, I put on my headphone (AG Studio 240) and the riffs déouler becomes a joy. The couple Start + Tonelab is made for the blues, it's clear .....
For a long time, I no longer use the presets on the machine. I made two or three well-chosen presets, and I go out ...
Even recently, I only turn based on a preset amp "boutique" with a short delay and a tad of reverb spring.
This is already enough magic with the neck pickup of my Start, but also experimented with putting a small BOSS SD-1 between the stratum and the Tonelab ......
This is sheer bliss!! simulation amp reacts very well. Harmonic everywhere, crunchy sound at will.


Purchased in 2004 if my memory is good.
I do not part with it!
I am thinking to buy a power amp to play live with (like Tech 21 Power Engine 60).
I have not tested the latest versions with pedals .... but there's no reason for it to be as good (a priori).

A very nice machine ....