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Powered PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Mackie DLM12

    Mackie DLM12 - "Flat out awesome"


    The Mackie DLM12 has a 12 inch LF driver and a 1.5 high frequency driver. There are 16 effects built right into this speaker with a 2 channel mixer. That is why this speaker cost so much, but the features make it well worth the money. You will also g…

  • Mackie SRM450v2

    Mackie SRM450v2 - "They may be better than the EON by JBL"


    The Mackie SRM450v2 is a 400 watt active live speaker (2 way). It has Class D amplification and it is pretty light/portable. This speaker is pole mountable and floor wedge-able. The main reason that I even came across this speaker was because it was…

  • JBL EON 305

    JBL EON 305 - "Not a huge fan of the bass but everything else was good."


    The JBL EON305 is a 2 way passive speaker that is very portable. The price is ok, but maybe it is just a little overpriced compared to some of the other JBL speakers that have come out around the same time this one did. This speaker will give you a p…

  • JBL PRX625

    JBL PRX625 - "They may overheat, but they sound perfect!"


    The JBL PRX625 is a dual 15 inch speaker system (active) that has a pretty high price tag on it compared to other brands with the same specs. The difference is that this is a JBL speaker and you will be paying for quality, and quality you will get! T…

  • QSC K8

    QSC K8 - "It will last a long time"


    The QSC K8 is an 8 inch powered PA speaker and it is built to last a long time. The outer casting of it is very solid and I have bumped it on metal door trims and on concrete floors a lot over the years but it has stood strong. It did weight more tha…

  • QSC K12

    QSC K12 - "worth the money"


    I have been using the QSC 12 since 2010 and it has never let me down. It is a powered PA speaker with an amazing sound. It projects 1000 watts of class D sounds and it will peak at 2000 watts. It is very clear and puts out a big sound no matter wher…

  • QSC K12

    QSC K12 - BeyondR's review


    QSC K12 2-Way are some high quality speakers that are used world wide in studios and home studios. These speakers combine the great look with a high quality concerning the freq response , the low noise and a very clean without any distorstion and…

  • Mackie TH-15A

    Mackie TH-15A - BeyondR's review


    Mackie Thump TH-15A is a powerful speaker that is light and can be used anywhere , and still get you a powerful sound. What I like most about this product is the 300-watt class-D amplifier, and a 1" compression driver powered by a 100-watt class-A a…

  • Behringer Eurolive B215D

    Behringer Eurolive B215D - BeyondR's review


    Behringer B215D are some high quality speakers that are used by many advanced musicians in the world. These speakers combine the great look with a high quality concerning the timbre , frequency response , a very clean and pro sound and also a powerf…

  • Yamaha MSR250

    Yamaha MSR250 - "Clear sound"


    This Active PA cabinet delivers a huge sound no matter where you are. Though it is only a 10 inch speaker it sounds like it is a 15 inch speaker. Even in a larger space this cabinet sounds great. The weight of this speaker is a lot more than what I…