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Powered PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Peavey PR 15D

    Peavey PR 15D - "Not so good in a larger space"


    The Peavey PR 15D is a 15 inch powered PA speaker. This is a D class speaker that has 200 watts of overall power. The sound is decent in a larger space but it is best in smaller venues even though it is a 15 inch. That is what confused me the most ab…

  • Behringer Eurolive B215D

    Behringer Eurolive B215D - "Huge sound"


    The Eurolive B215D is a 15 inch PA cabinet that packs a huge sound. All of the specs are virtually the same between the B210D and this one except one huge difference, the sound is much bigger! This speaker cost about 150 dollars more than the 10 inch…

  • Samson Technologies Auro D210

    Samson Technologies Auro D210 - "D210 sounds like the Behringer B210 but it cost more?"


    The Samson Auro D210 is very similar to the Behringer EuroLive series of PA speakers. But it cost more, which is a big problem when purchasing this speaker. This cabinet is a 2 Way active speaker that is great with your live sound. It is a great spe…

  • Behringer B210D

    Behringer B210D - "Great for the mobile DJ"


    The B210D is a 10 inch two powered PA speaker made by Behringer. I have used many Behringer cabinets before including some of the Eurolive cabinets they have made in the past. This speaker is very affordable and packs a great sound. The sound is ver…

  • QSC KW153

    QSC KW153 - "An upgrade from the KW152"


    The QSC KW 153 was a bigger sized speaker than I was expecting. It is over 40 inches tall and 18 inches wide. The weight of it is not bad, but with it being so tall it gave some issues with getting it in and out of the van when we had it for a few sh…

  • Behringer Eurolive B815NEO

    Behringer Eurolive B815NEO - "Bass response is great"


    The Behringer EuroLive B815NEO is a 1200 watt PA or Loud speaker that is a 15 inch low end driver. The Behringer EuroLive B815NEO is a remarkable bass response; even the natural tone of the bass is worth more than the whole Behringer EuroLive B815NEO…

  • Bose L1 Model II with B1 Bass

    Bose L1 Model II with B1 Bass - "Good anywhere you use it"


    Anytime you are dealing with Bose, the first thing you should look at is the price tag. This speaker system is very expensive! It cost almost 3000 dollars. The sound on the Bose L1 Model II system is very good, it is clean and the bass is amazing. Th…

  • Behringer Eurolive B205D

    Behringer Eurolive B205D - "Small monitor with a big sound"


    The Behringer Eurolive Series B205D is a very powerful monitor, I have never even go close to turning this monitor all the way up and at a little over halfway up its extremely loud. It has 1 XLR and 2 RCA with 2 XLR and TRS hookup. There is a microph…

  • Mackie TH-15A

    Mackie TH-15A - "Great bass response"


    There really aren’t many negative things you can say about the TH 15A by Mackie. It’s a really affordable speaker and it is also very loud. All of your live sounds will sound amazing coming through the TH 15A’s. If you have some live piano’s or live …

  • JBL PRX615M

    JBL PRX615M - "suprised us"


    The JBL PRX 615 M speakers are 1,000 watts at 15 inches and has a low frequency driver with a range of 45 hz to 19khz’s each. The best thing about these speakers is that they are very easy to carry, they might look heavy but taking them around with y…