Radial Engineering Bassbone

Bassbone, Bass preamp pedal from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

vincislex 06/30/2010

Radial Engineering Bassbone : vincislex's user review

«  Bassbone - good bass »

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Entry level 1 and 2


Boost 1 / Loop (level adjustable)
1 switch input 1 or 2


- Boost / Loop or 2
- "Son" 1 / 2 / Flat (on Input 1)
- Setting "Earth"


Jack 2 inputs (Channel 1 or 2) Choice of 1 or 2 if one guitar plugged in or a choice of two basses.
1 output jack
1 input / output Effects loop (with a cable special one to predict) ultra-convenient
Output to a tuner
1 connection AC + 15v transformer supplied.
This is a relatively large pedal, heavy and super strong all-metal finish with a flawless from head to foot ... Nothing to say.

Only small "missing" the opportunity to put the batteries. AC air con like this, but in certain situations you can save battery life


Super simple! all "analog" and that manual in English but basic and comprehensive

You know how to use an amp = no difficulty.


Wow! I bought this preamp to record the bass via computer ...

Once plugged in and set ... the sound is well rounded, precise and dynamic to perfection. The bass is much more present. It really is a solid +, which I think can replace quantity effects "cheap" I do not like a bass ...

Well of course it is a transistor preamp ... but nothing prevents us from putting a preamp tube behind if you want to warm the sound of the bass ...


Some days ... and I do not regret my purchase ... The only regret is that I did not buy it sooner ...

For 199 € is really a good bass sound ... without amp. I have not tested yet on stage (I'm no bassist) ... but it is certain that it will save a big move bass amp if you have a good sound system (and returns).

It's really an essential tool for anyone who wants to have a true cost of his deep and powerful bass ...

In the context that interests me - recording bass lines for my songs - the classic solution = amp + microphone easily have cost me € 500 with the major disadvantage of having to test miles microphone positions, avoiding feedback, repisse and noise and also to flood low my neighbor. Here everything goes directly through the table and we can play with headphones ...

Radial Engineering is truly "above the fray" ... I who have the habit of Boss pedals ... this one is a cut above ...

I aim now PZ-PRE equipment connected to my electro acoustic is unfortunately not the same price (369 €).

To conclude: the analog preamp is good in these times of "amp simulation" ... Both the case that the electronics inside are top quality and it means right away ...

Little advice to pass ... It is worth buying this kind of gear simple and efficient quality than buying the "foil" which supposedly gives 30 times more features for a ridiculously low price.

All that to say that just playing with the settings for bass and Bassbone was already a multitude of different sounds ...