Radial Engineering Bassbone

Bassbone, Bass preamp pedal from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

waylander666 06/28/2007

Radial Engineering Bassbone : waylander666's user review


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Tonebone Bassbone


sorry it's in English


The Bassbone is a direct box "deluxe" for bass!
First of all what use?
the box has two switchable inputs assigned a specific two channels.
1st channel: channel bass active, it has a volume, and two pre-shape, which slightly change the sound (for a slap, and a more rounded and flexible)
the 2nd channel will be more suitable for a passive bass because it has a 3 band EQ low, mid, treble and the famous volume dedicated to the same channel. This system replaces a low active preamp for example.
But nothing is fixed with this case. one can easily connect a passive bass on the first channel to keep one side and vintange roots and connect an active bass for the 2nd even more colorful sound, or plug in that a low (first imperative at the canal!) and switch from one channel to another to get different sounds during a concert.
In addition to the Bassbone and with a boost with its level of output that can be assigned to the first channel, with two or lma exit "loop", the top hit for a little solo!


Plugged into a sound, the sound is very straight, very detailed, a great general definition, we can surely find one that suits her after a few adjustments. But beware this is not a tube so (personally) I find that the whole is a little cold, it lacks warmth and roundness.
Clean amp (Ashdown ABM 300 EVO II / cabinet Ampeg 8 * 10) again we feel a lack of heat, the attack is less incisive, sustain declining slightly. Nothing too obvious, either it could not sound but it feels a little less. Again, this is my personal opinion, with my own settings and my personal taste!


J'utile the Bassbone for quite some time one month, I tried mainly after repeated and live on a small sound system, and this product suits me very well. In addition I bought it in America at around 180 euros (250 dollars) so yes, I do it again this choice because it is an indispensable tool backpacker bassist who plays in different formations in different styles, with different instrumentstou in voyangeant light!
-You are doing a concert on a big stage without your amp, you plug this case appears by the returns you get your sound without having to carry your body 3!
-You record a demo for someone, you change your sound to the request without buzz, without repisse, and without the fuss.
-You make a concert in clubs, you can skip the fretless, electro-acoustic via an active / passive while grades good levels of sound and quality between each instrument!
If I put that it is only a 9 because of the sound a bit cold but it's very subjective!