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Recorders/Multitracks user reviews

  • Otari MX-5050

    Otari MX-5050 - "old school"


    The Otori MX 5050 is an 8 track cassette recorder that operates at 3.75 ips. It has the same recording head as the MX 5050 , which is superior to that of the 488 and 488 mkII. dbx Type II can be engaged across tracks 1-4 and 5-8 separately, there is …

  • Fostex 280

    Fostex 280 - "vintage, we have come along way since analog"


    The Fostex 280 is designed to record 8 tracks onto a standard cassette. It features a built in mixer with high and low EQ on each channel, XLR inputs on channels 1 and 2, and 1/4” inputs for the other inputs. It can record on up to 4 tracks simultane…

  • Tascam MS16

    Tascam MS16 - moosers's review


    The Tascam MS16 is a 1" 16 track tape machine. I'm not sure the exact years that this was in production, but I think it was made in the early 1990's. I only recently got the chance to use the MS-16 as I'm working with a new producer and he has this…

  • Tascam DP-02CF

    Tascam DP-02CF - "Better than other models"


    The Tascam DP 02CF is really great and easy to use with a great price. Only thing you will have to get is a larger CF card if you want to record more than one song. For me the best thing about this recorder is that you can be up and recording in a m…

  • Tascam DP-01 FX CD

    Tascam DP-01 FX CD - "very handy"


    For years, I used an old Tascam cassette 4-track (424), and I never got rid of it because it always worked, and it was very easy to operate. Unlike a lot of digital home recorders out there, the Tascam DP-01FX works with the same ease as the old 4-tr…

  • Tascam Portastudio 2488

    Tascam Portastudio 2488 - "great for beginners"


    The Tascam Porta Studio will give you everything you need to get up and running and creating great music. With very little recording experience under my belt I have been able to turn out good quality work. Ive been wanting to get into home recording …

  • Zoom R16

    Zoom R16 - Kierkes's review


    Something about this is special. I believe it may have something to do with the fact that the Zoom R16 is sort of a hybrid device. It can in fact function fully as an audio interface, but it shines in its ability to do digital recordings anywhere wit…

  • Zoom H4nSP

    Zoom H4nSP - Kierkes's review


    What I find particularly magical about the Zoom H4n is that it just works. I do not actually own the product, but I know a bunch of people with them because of their popularity, and man, do I want one. The Zoom H4n is a portable recorded with two ver…

  • Yamaha AW16G

    Yamaha AW16G - "A safe bet!"


    16-track digital mini studio that works at 16 bits/44kHz. It records simultaneously 8 tracks and also has a stereo track to record a master. It uses an internal hard drive to store what your record. The CD player/burner allows you to import (as long …

  • Pioneer RT-1020L

    Pioneer RT-1020L - moosers's review


    The Pioneer RT-1020L is a reel to reel 1/4" tape machine for playing and recording. It can play either 7" or 10" reels. My parents owned this and I have since taken it under my wing to use and mess around with. While I've got a Pro Tools studio at…