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Thread readM-Audio Fast track USB not found with Pro Tools 8 on mac[Recording & Mixing]2Hélène Barbier53404/12/2016 11:37
by scifiwriter4
Thread read[Getting started] How to Know When Your Mix is Finished[Recording & Mixing]2Mike Levine64504/06/2016 10:25
by Mike Levine
Thread read2nd in a Series - Re-ribbon, new transformer and 3D printed parts for MXL R144[Recording & Mixing]0guitartoys38201/23/2016 19:33
by guitartoys
Thread read[Getting started] A Handy Rule for Choosing Reverb Presets[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho Valentine57701/18/2016 10:39
by Nantho Valentine
Thread readDIY Ribbon upgrade for MXL 990 Microphone[Recording & Mixing]0guitartoys49301/16/2016 19:46
by guitartoys
Thread readWith Over 2 Decades Of #1 Hits, Super Producer "Ken Lewis" Sits Down For A Quick Chat.[Recording & Mixing]0Jerial M49010/10/2015 20:55
by Jerial M
Thread read-10db Pad Substitute?[Recording & Mixing]2Edward Ketsado Nelson75809/07/2015 07:36
by Mike Levine
Thread readUsing effects sends compared to using effects on individual tracks[Recording & Mixing]4twistedmister105909/13/2015 09:22
by angelie
Thread readRecommended books on mixing[Recording & Mixing]8d.bakes142009/13/2015 05:58
by oneflightup
Thread readA History of Allison Research[Recording & Mixing]2oneflightup58309/13/2015 05:53
by oneflightup
Thread readhello[Recording & Mixing]2dominhsanh8382508/30/2015 20:52
by dominhsanh83
Thread readFinding a mic's sweet spot for vocals[Recording & Mixing]2fightlikeabrave181208/17/2015 05:28
by Brad Houston
Thread read[Getting started] The Prerequisites for a Relaxed Mixing Session[Recording & Mixing]2Nantho Valentine118707/13/2015 18:08
by Mike Levine
Thread readLEM Cpmpact 512 SE???[Recording & Mixing]0Swefinn115503/23/2015 09:42
by Swefinn
Thread readExercises or resources to know which specific frequencies to tend to[Recording & Mixing]1thesweetspot63003/17/2015 16:15
by Mike Levine
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