Akai Professional MPC4000

MPC4000, Sampling Sequencer from Akai Professional in the MPC series.

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soulman 01/31/2004

Akai Professional MPC4000 : soulman's user review


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With the MPC 4000 since January 2003, I confess that my Premire impression on the machine rather silent
Although all the functions of an mpc .... well the
I thought to find myself ordering a SUPER MPC 3000 ..... and well I tromp widely.
Although the sequencer RESOLUTION is increased from 96 to 960 ... it's nothing more n'aporte
quantizer sounds like an mpc 2000 ...
There are no outlets ny amme original spares for this machine that would pro ...
the sound is not the best ... 24/96 is frankly of the "handjob" that is not the sound of the machine is bad it's just DIFFERENT, it is crystal trs .. . and the dynamics is to go.


Those who never used n'on MPC will not gn by the ergonomics General for the machine (whatever ...)
users of the sublime MPC 3000, will destabilisil paramtres agr are too many who spend time in the edition of the programs too direct, I think everyone is compliqubr / > notament also a cause of keygroups management.
it is true that section sampler is very complte, and pretty well made the quik fx are nice for a change ... and it's quickly trs simple looping perfect ... But it ' craft is less than the MPC 3000.La mpc 4000 is excellent for sound recording, live intruments ..., voice, sound
combined with the effects applied directly in the base sample is really ...


The effects on the MRIT to be there, but frankly they are using and strengthens the cot mtallique sound
notament the reverbs should be used with modration not to end up with a sound too cheap.L Editor percussion and piano does nothing at all, music is not with Eyes .. . but with the ears. It reminds cubase when the rhythm was triturated guys blow ... but good mouse can be programmed in real time ...
General for the quality of the machine is fabricaton mdiocre, notament all the keys and buttons, black pads that attract dusts is boring ... and all lables and MADE IN CHINA.
Unlike the mpc 3000 that it offers a quality manufacturing much more careful.
Filters are ... and many good but can I use trs this section, I'm in a synthse sucks.
What I have with this change in the fawn BCAN to my beats is to play with the right button timming is a switch ON / OFF quantize ... for example I quantify my Charley the sixteenth ... without quantize the kicks ... checkout with ... another snare without correction ...
It compence one can feel more of Groove squenceur that I 'get it with my MPC 3000, playing
ave this key in real time on the 4000 you can get beats looks like a rickety cot with live
must have a good rhythm right hand to program this Manir, but can give you surprising about the results ...


In conclusion I would say I'm a can of this machine is a ((mpc 2000)) with lots of features ... can be a little too?!?
Which are only window dressing ... they have forgotten a few features that made the success of MPC
If I could make a sugestion to ingnieur of the akai squenceur menu TIMING CORRECT
Earlier Later fields and its inactive when applying a value it is mandatory to do it
while in a change in value of mpc 3000 all notes dplace is set
indicate it is that makes the groove of the MPC 3000 .. this is dcalage note ....
This change could be through the bone very easy ... but for the grain of the converters of 4000 are subjec not compete with the 3000.Il I have to adjust m and I am patient with this MPC is really hard for me to master at least the first few months but hey must persvrer and I think one can can produce good sound with ... well I 'Espree ...
over j using the machine is I arrive to find him positive points, this mpc 4000 that is sport
I spend hours to program a sampler, a resampler me and navigate DIFFERENT MENU bte of a search of the''groove''lost and all has nothing to produce ... sauvgarder nothing ...
Since January 2003 ... I am a''''... the training I am not satisfied for the time of his I do with ...

You 'm sorry I' returns ... I have training !!!!!!