Akai Professional MPC3000

MPC3000, Sampling Sequencer from Akai Professional in the MPC series.

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Ralipé 09/30/2009

Akai Professional MPC3000 : Ralipé's user review


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The 3000 can even stand on their May will be especially great midi sequencer the sampler and basic level of publishing, however, he fills his role well especially with the new bone and 3.50 makes the 3000 stand-alone. No effect this is a time and a good low pass filter well Collor. It only reads the file snd format mpc 3000, mpc 60 has a SCSI port, 2 inputs and 4 MIDI outputs so you can connect a keyboard, for example 2 expanders and a 12-bit sampler for those seeking more grain or a sampler instruments for the more crystalline.
The new OsMansell Labs Vailixi 3.50 brings radical solutions to the old version and expanding seriously chard correcting most of the faults of the machine and the grim side of its publishing functions.
And also offers a sampler bcp more powerful edition live a compressor and an opportunity to make a graft drive compact flash very fast, among other ...


Very easy to use, intuitive and direct level function thank you Roger Linn!
It is a pleasure to work dessu and functions do not sound at all limited to me since it There's really all you need to cut my beats thing for what it is made (to be understood). The mpc 5000 and 4000 with their additional functions and their sound through all want us to believe they can do everything well this may not be the case.
They lose a lot of instant, intuitive Cotte series.


Good dynamics and good sound for those who has a 16 bit 44100 if not agree There's of course always a way to paste an S950 or better sp 1200 buttocks. The converters are really good and the sound is perfect for heavy beats that is not the mpc 2000's along well! I made with my whole pieces in May 3000 I often prefer my e6400 for instruments other than bass, percussion, however, to mix it can easily fix this and even play. As against a party in midi controlled sampler will add separate outputs, effects and solutions for audio editing.


After working with a 2000XL my decision is final.
This is a big investment that's right May I do it again without thinking really.
Finally I want to say make sure that the seal of approval Roger Linn is registered on the machine before buying an MPC!
The MPC following the 60 and 3000 are really not spoiled as a fabrication.