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Shure BETA user reviews

  • Shure Beta 58A

    Shure Beta 58A - songboy's review


    This is a Dynamic style Vocal mic.  It can be used to mic instruments too, but it is definitely a Vocal mic.  You can use this in just about every environment.  It works great on stage to help me cut through the rest of the band and be heard when I a…

  • Shure Beta 58A

    Shure Beta 58A - moosers's review


    The Shure Beta 58 A is a dynamic microphone great for use in both a live setting or in the studio. I have used it in both settings, but mostly in the recording studio. This microphone is similar to the SM58, but has a difference design and definitely…

  • Shure Beta 57A

    Shure Beta 57A - moosers's review


    The Shure Beta 57A is a dynamic microphone that can be used in both the recording studio and on the stage. I have primarily used it in the studio, as that is where I do most of my work, but have also used it and seen it used on stage. It is built ver…

  • Shure BETA 52A

    Shure BETA 52A - moosers's review


    The Shure Beta 52A is a dynamic microphone used in both the recording studio and live setting. I have used it mostly in the recording studio, but have seen it used on a stage as well. It is an effective microphone in both situations in my opinion. Th…

  • Shure Beta 58

    Shure Beta 58 - afterglow479's review


    This mic is a moving coil dynamic from Shure. It looks and feels like an updated version of Shure's SM58. It's a dynamic, so you don't need any phantom power. The pickup pattern on this is cardioid. The primary use you'll find for this mic is on …

  • Shure Beta 57A

    Shure Beta 57A - afterglow479's review


    This mic by Shure is a dynamic capsule. It has a grille with a slight pop filter, so if you're singing into one your plosives will be reduced slightly. The pickup pattern on this mic is a cardioid, so the sides and back are going to be rejected pre…

  • Shure Beta 57

    Shure Beta 57 - peepsaudio's review


    This mic is a dynamic cardioid mic that finds it home in a studio as well as live. I like to think of this mic as an upgraded version of the classic SM57. It is a standard XLR connection and doesn't need phantom power. It's about the same size and…

  • Shure Beta 87C

    Shure Beta 87C - AnimalTracksStudio's review


    I bought this as a recording mic, and it is now my main LIVE vocal condenser mic. OVERALL OPINION SHURE BETA 87C CONDENSOR I went for years perfectly satisfied with my old Shure SM-58 Mic. It went where I went and it fairy faithfully reproduced m…

  • Shure Beta 57A

    Shure Beta 57A - "Shure Beta 57A"


    I bought this mic from Guitar Center for $99.00 after very extensive research. I found this price on the internet and Guitar Center matched it. In fact, they were only able to match it down to $99.99 and had to take the extra $.99 off of the table …

  • Shure Beta 87A

    Shure Beta 87A - "Shure Beta 87A"


    I bought this mic at Guitar Center for $185. This is significantly less than they were selling it for ($250), but they were willing to match the price that I had found. Which was a really good deal... I decided on the Beta 87A after very extensive…