Shure Beta 87A
Shure Beta 87A
MGR/Tim 12/27/2004

Shure Beta 87A : MGR/Tim's user review

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I bought this mic at Guitar Center for $185. This is significantly less than they were selling it for ($250), but they were willing to match the price that I had found. Which was a really good deal... I decided on the Beta 87A after very extensive research - a lot of internet time sending e-mails, doing searches, reading up; a lot of phone time speaking to pro's, calling for prices, and comparing. And the Beta 87A seemed to stand above all the others. So I went to Guitar Center, tried it out, compared it, and was sold...

I like everything about this unit! The sound, in particular. This microphone is a condenser and in being such is supposedly more sensitive and fragile. But Shure dispels that theory with this mic. They have put a studio quality condenser microphone in a rugged, live performance package. Believe it or not, this "sensitive and fragile" microphone has survived the famed Shure Drop Test. This condenser mic is as rugged a mic as the old SM58's. It's crystal clear and so natural. My voice comes across so smoothly ans sounds so...real! Due to its supercardioid design and its significant gain before feedback, this mic has completely eliminated the age-old problem of feedback. It's just an amazing microphone and I love it!

Believe it or not, I have tried to be critical about this microphone, but am at a serious loss for complaints! I can't find any faults in this mic! It is just completely satisfactory and I could not be happier. I would definitely buy one of these (since I did...).

Rock-solid. Being a Shure, I expected that, but I was still surprised by the heft of this mic. Again, it's withstood the renowned Shure Drop Test and is as rugged as any other Shure product. I recently read in a forum about how a guy took his old SM58, ran it over with his truck, plugged it in, and sang. he said it worked same as before he ran it over. I would expect the same durability from the Beta 87A.

Quite honestly and in my opinion, this is the very best live performance microphone that money can buy. It's a condenser, it's studio quality, it's a Shure. What more could you want. I love it. It really brings the best out in my voice and I know that it would not disappoint you either. If you're looking for top-notch quality that will outlast you, this is the mic! Go for it!

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