patcho 12/18/2013

Shure Beta 87A : patcho's user review

«  super micro, attention to the context of use »

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Micro super cardioid, super tout court for taking singing LIVE in general, but I would add in medium with a sound level too High ...

Very useful in troubleshooting studio on ropes (tested for you on a viola: it does) and even acoustic guitars, he saved my life several times. In short, it is a true electret do much of anything for my taste. Therefore very versatile. for just 300 € ...

For recording voice studio: can quite do the trick for the home studio (although he preferred a "large diaphragm") if you do not have the budget for a live microphone and other micro studio .. .


I had this mic for over 5 years on stage, and I've never had any other micro able to make my stamp in this way in the APG ... what comfort! (But very soft pop AKOUSTIK)

For cons, the sensitivity to feedback from the microphone (the king of 5khz in my opinion), and above the ambient noise (a bass / batt donf behind the singer) mean that it's not easy to mix with it on a plate " where it sends the paté "... on the other hand, in song, and Jazz, it is nickel. It has a heat of restitution rather unique vocal timbre for my taste.

I now rock hard enough, so I changed creamery. The stamp is no longer there, but I have db donf back without it parte feedback ... What a choice ...