Shure Beta 87A
Shure Beta 87A
AlanForPresident 06/28/2012

Shure Beta 87A : AlanForPresident's user review

« great mic great price »

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This mic has a good value for what you will get while using it. We have used this mic so many times over the last few years its crazy. We truly love the mic and have since the first time we ever used it. It is a great mic for a guitar player, mainly acoustic only. This mic is very similar to the Shure Beta 87 C.


I love the way this mic sounds and how it will really make the lower frequencies sound great on a male voice. With its ability to round out the lower end of the male vocals and still keep the mids in order plus keep the higher frequencies bright crisp and sharp. You really wont find many other mics that can perform like this Sure Beta 87A can and still be affordable. Similar mics will cost upwards of 500 dollars if you want them to sound as good as this one and want that great quality. But the Shure Beta 87A wont cost you that much at all that’s why it is a must have mic for your live and acoustic recordings.

This mic is by far one of the best mics that I have ever used and for what it cost it’s a no brainer you have to get this mic if you are in need of a great acoustic guitar mic that’s for acoustic and for vocals. This mic can still pick up some of the vocals coming from the sides of the mic as well. It wont be as clean though, but for a live situation its good to have a mic that can pick up some of the vocals coming from different parts of the mic as you wont be looking straight ahead the whole time. Great mic , Great price, buy it