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Shure BETA user reviews

  • Shure Beta 52

    Shure Beta 52 - "Good bass mic"


    Shure Beta 52A Features: -Perfect for kick drum and other low frequency information -20Hz to 10kHz, presence boost at 4kHz -Strong proximity effect for tonal variation -Supercardioid pickup pattern for excellent isolation -Ma…

  • Shure Beta 87A

    Shure Beta 87A - Kierkes's review


    To me, Shure's Beta microphones, especially the companies condensers, like this microphone I am reviewing right now, have always stood in a strange place to me. Call me a quintessential slave to marketing, but I never even thought about the Beta hand…

  • Shure Beta 56A

    Shure Beta 56A - Kierkes's review


    The Shure Beta 56A is a microphone touted as a drum and instrument microphone from Shure, but I am not acquainted with anyone who actually uses these little beauties for anything but drum mic'ing. The first thing to note is the the microphones themse…

  • Shure Beta 57A

    Shure Beta 57A - "And the winner is:"


    The Shure Beta 57A is a dynamic supercardioid microphone touted by Shure as the successor to the fantastically versatile SM57. It boasts an extended frequency response of 50-16,000 Hz. I wrote a review earlier about the Shure Beta 58A and said tha…

  • Shure BETA 52A

    Shure BETA 52A - "Thump!"


    The Shure Beta 52A is a dynamic microphone specifically tailored for use on the bass drum. The very shape of the microphone makes that pretty obvious. The Shure Beta 52A has that special low end extension in the frequency response, bringing it from t…

  • Shure Beta 58

    Shure Beta 58 - "Not particularly worth the extra price"


    The Shure Beta 58 is a microphone touted by Shure as the "successor" to the venerable and venerated SM58. I cannot disagree more. It has nothing to do with the fact that the Shure Beta 58 is a bad microphone. In fact, I absolutely disagree. The Shure…

  • Shure Beta 87

    Shure Beta 87 - "Great sound and durability"


    The Shure Beta 87 is a supercardioid Condenser microphone designed for live use. This is a really warm, deep and rich sounding microphone that gets a very deep, studio-like sound on the stage. We are currently using two of these in our band; one fo…

  • Shure Beta 91

    Shure Beta 91 - moosers's review


    The Shure Beta 91 is a unique boundary condenser microphone for use in the studio. I’ve only used this microphone a few times, but it’s the best of it’s type that I’ve used. It’s got a very high SPL capability as it can handle very loud signals. I…

  • Shure Beta 56A

    Shure Beta 56A - moosers's review


    The Shure Beta 56A is a dynamic microphone that can be used both in the studio and for live sound reinforcement. I've actually only used the microphone in a live sound setting. I don't usually do live sound at all, but recently the studio that I wo…

  • Shure BETA 52A

    Shure BETA 52A - songboy's review


    This is microphone is ideal for studio use as well as live use.  I see this mic in studios and on stage almost everywhere I look.  This is a Dynamic mic with a modified supercardioid pattern that is designed for use with Kick Drums and other Bass Ins…