Shure Beta 87A
Shure Beta 87A
berl 12/15/2013

Shure Beta 87A : berl's user review

«  My favorite vocal mic. »

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The Beta87 is a dedicated voice condenser microphone designed for the stage.
This is an electret microphone with a good anti-pop protection and a high level of output.
Like all static, it requires 48V phantom power.
For a static, it is quite insensitive to feedback.


I bought my first pair in 2009 and I immediately appreciated the clarity it gives voice. As the spoken voice on the song, I think that removes a veil its over conventional dynamics. I singers "just before the console" as if there was not an intermediary ... that's great.
No problems whistling or feedback.
It can make excellent times to close with a beautiful grain on wind instruments in particular.
In short, an excellent microphone.
Like all static it does not like moisture ... made to dry your mics if you have many "drooling" inside, I use desiccant capsules to keep them in good condition. One of my Beta87 gave significantly less sound than the other, on the advice of an old friend I put bags of desiccant in the pouch: the week after he had found the same gain as the others.
I currently have 6 in my case microphones, and they come primarily for voice!