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U-FLYstudio 12/21/2008

Neumann KM 86i : U-FLYstudio's user review


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Micro my photo on the right,

- MODL original, the lamp is followed by KM56 1966 KM 76 in the Dyn 3-pin power supply T12V that a year later is dclin in KM 86 (P48V dyn), and its output is then transformed XLR and the devriendra KM86i,
- It is monophonic micro dot of two KK64 capsules which also quipent KM 84, this allows a choice of three directional (cardio, 8, O) is also a quip ATT-10dB.
- Bandwidth is 40Hz-20kHz
- The self-noise is 19 dBA
- Cash it with an att max SPL of 134 dB
- It has a sensitivity of 9 mV / Pa 1 kHz
- PSE and 200 grams


The KM 76 and KM 86 in cardio do have the same polar diagram as the KM 84, the curve is also identical rponse 1 dB prs over 10kHz for KM86, KM84 him as the perfectly straight. The overall sound is therefore that of a cardio KM84 position, meaning you notte Retailer mdium the bottom, with enjoyable ism and free music tural coloration, tr s sweet but with a mdium seated and raliste! I find it it still sounds much better than the KM84's, as this is the body of the 86 pre amp and diffrent of KM83 and 84, and the sound is really more pai, especially cardiovascular, in omni The KM83 is a superb micro rerellement.
thanks its very practical directivity 3,
* With anti pop sound and proximity to the solo voices and splendid, more personal than many large diaphragm (same lamp), the mdium and the proximity of a grave are ultra music
- Acoustic guitar in it is effective in single and splendid couple AB (cardio or omni) on both sides of the rosette.
- Superb recovery plays bass amp mdiator (with attenuator)
- As piano's top, my taste better than the U87 or 414 bp
- And of course to finish in continuance of string ensemble or symphony when you can not afford a Decca tree in M50!
a brief quip micro capsules legends for rsultat classy and flexibility!
trs trs beautiful sound, a great natural feeling!
REFERENCE missing today is a catalog Neumann, in fact there are no longer small capsules multidirectvits (cardio, omni, 8) in the German manufacturer since the cessation of KM86 and especially with a sound as interesting!

they are still in use in a majority of the big studios internationals:
- Air Lyndhurst
- Abbey Road (18 units, just a!)
- Miraval studio
- Rak Studio
- Glenn Gould Studio
etc etc ....

to conclude that one of my microphones prfrs, even in song, he forged an excellent pre amp and power the sweet type Neve 1272 and a solo voice and the couple KM86 Fearn VT1 is pretty unbeatable!!
If I could afford and the chance to find all in good condition, I buy a dozen for my strings symphony orchestra.