Bernard Ancèze 03/07/2006

Shure SM87A : Bernard Ancèze's user review


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Electrostatic 9v-48v
For singing on stage or in studio.

Body thin enough, do not clamp too broad.


I do not remember since when I use the microphone, more than 15 years seems to me there. In the 80 Shure SM85 produced the (I say 85 and not 58) which devienra by SM87A. The microphone was even better, in my opinion, the current SM87A, more balanced. I always have a SM85 that I use more readily than the SM87A, excellent, yes, but that does not have the richness of the medium of his grandfather. It became rare. If you find hand please. Return to our sheep. Shure SM87A KMS105 or Neumann? Excellent both. The Neumann is round and warm, ideal for a man's voice a little thick. The Shure is clear, detailed, brilliant, not bad for the voice higher and women, or when you have a good mix loaded into the grave and we want to more easily "pass" the lead vocal. I find it still a little glitter and metallic. I do not like, but it is perhaps a matter of taste. Still, the sound is near a little deaf when it gives to 5kH a bump, suddenly I find that the less balanced and regrets the KMS105 Neumann SM85 which had not this defect. It is anyway good but pricey. I use on the acoustic scene rather AKG C1000S filter with its "voice" and it is much better. For the rock scene or noisy, I appreciate his "solitude". A bit expensive. Good choice anyway, but I'd rather find an SM85.