chicom 11/06/2006

The T.bone EM 800 : chicom's user review


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Condenser microphone for overhead or charley.
I put 9 because it is not very nice ... who cares what


For me it is THE big surprise Thomann mics!
For 35 euros it's huge: first there is comes in a hard plastic boiboite year so it's not about to break if you tremballer it.
Second technical point before moving to the sound: the clip: miracle! it's a little boring but to be completely surrounds the microphone and not likely to fall under any circumstances (not like the sc100 that fall from their claws at the slightest of old farts ...)
And finally the sound, fine and precise, you do what you want! I put the hi-hat and it's really great.
It is less "open" the sc100 (hypercardio I thought) and therefore there is less repisse
Not for the price it is a gift, really nice product cheap!
A repeat without hesitation