johnhenry69 10/12/2011

The T.bone EM 800 : johnhenry69's user review

«  Good value »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Pair of condenser microphones condenser cardioid thin membrane.
They can mainly be used primarily as a cymbal mics (overhead, hi-hat) and the couple made room stereo.


Pair of micro rather surprising for the price, two condenser microphones to less than 100 euros is nothing.

Used mostly in overhead or stereo pair the result is pretty good. I recorded a concert with a good mastering and after the rendering was well balanced. One of their failure is that they do not descend very low in the spectrum (note that this is a default for use as a stereo pair of overhead but it's perfect).

Their directivity versus frequency is not a feature that is on their side, of course, these pickups are not made to use the voices (of de-stampings appear quickly when the speaker moves his head), but when you use them as a stereo pair prefer to XY pair.
For my current use (small concerts, taking environments, ...) they suit me perfectly.

The black spot is not the microphone itself but the documentation of it. Like many t bone microphones there is no real technical documents can be viewed prior to purchase: sensitivity, frequency response curve, noise, ...

However it all comes in a nice little plastic box that looks pretty solid with two microphones clips (besides it's not always easy to install microphones in their claws, but hey when you see the clamps that pass on their shure SM58 ...)

To compete in the same price range: Superlux (ho hum characteristics of both) and Berhinger (microphones strong but uneven quality depending on the microphone, however the same model)
range over which would be worth: the Oktava and studio projects.

+: Price, value, their sound for the appropriate use
-: Some characteristics (lack of bass, direcivité which varies greatly depending on the frequency, ...), lack a complete technical documentation before buying