Softube user reviews

  • Softube TSAR-1R

    Softube TSAR-1R - " Perhaps the best reverb ..."


    Implementation without any particular problem, download the SOFTUBE site. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Steady plugin, no consumer CPU. OVERALL OPINION After trying good numbers reverb plugin and especially the Lexicon PCM Native Sonnox Oxford and …

  • Softube TSAR-1

    Softube TSAR-1 - " Soft reverb .."


    No problem during installation. This bundle (two plug-ins) fits perfectly and quickly in Pro Tools 11. The format supported is the AAX native. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Very stable software for Mac and very greedy in resource configuration used: Co…

  • Softube Acoustic Feedback

    Softube Acoustic Feedback - " Finally an original effect"


    No problem with the installation if it is not it is a protection iLok. Grrrr? Grrrr. If the plug is mac or pc with all necessary variants: 32/64 bit AU, VST, RTAS, etc. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I use Studio One in Cubase 2.5 and 6.5 without any pr…

  • Softube Tube-Tech CL1B

    Softube Tube-Tech CL1B - " CL 1B to Softube"


    Installation nickel. Softube program allows us to select what you want to install. At run time, no problem. Simply must have the iLok SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Relatively greedy. Let's say that after a few tracks loaded this plugin, my computer is …

  • Softube Trident A-Range

    Softube Trident A-Range - " Softube Trident EQ"


    No problem. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE No performance problem ... multiple instances .. to instantiate quickly. OVERALL OPINION Tears. Simply. Easy to use, the guitars take lives without exaggeration .. without "boost" assaulting. The high-pa…

  • Softube Tube-Tech Classic Channel Bundle

    Softube Tube-Tech Classic Channel Bundle - " Bluffing!"


    Very easy to install. You download the installer global (all plug-ins Softube), we choose one that fits, and it works. Used in Pro Tools (RTAS in), fits perfectly. A priori, no need for manual, the app works like the real machine, except for the smal…

  • Softube TSAR-1

    Softube TSAR-1 - " One of the best reverbs I've heard"


    This is not a plug-in but a bundle that includes two plug-ins: TSAR-1, with all the reverb settings, and TSAR-1R, a lighter version of the first with fewer parameters. The assembly is protected via iLok: this is not what I prefer, but it works no …

  • Softube Tube-Tech CL1B

    Softube Tube-Tech CL1B - " Compressor magical and colorful"


    Can not say, I tried it on a system where it was already installed. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Relatively low CPU consumption. OVERALL OPINION Let us come before it. This compressor is very colorful, it provides warmth in the mids. It is still q…

  • Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C

    Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C - " EQ very mudical, superb emulation!"


    The placement of the knobs is pretty damn bad I think, the first knob "mitigation" attenuates frequencies identical to the bass boost. The treble attenuator has a variable frequency cons that can be chosen via the selector in the upper right (5kHz, 1…

  • Softube Metal Amp Room

    Softube Metal Amp Room - " The best of 3!!"


    No problem to install the app .. on the other hand remember it is necessary to have a key ILOK for recording and even the demo version .. Contrary to many opinions on the subject, I found the key principle of ILOK terrible .. I can use my apps on m…