Waves JJP Strings & Keys
Waves JJP Strings & Keys

JJP Strings & Keys, Software channel strip from Waves in the Jack Joseph Puig series.

moosers 12/26/2010

Waves JJP Strings & Keys : moosers's user review


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The Waves Ltd. Jack Joseph Puig Keys & Strings plug-in is one that's a part of the Jack Joseph Puig Signature Collection of plug-ins, having six in total. This is a unique plug-in as I don't believe any of the other Signature bundles have one that's devoted to Strings and/or Keys. I've got this plug-in at home, which I installed along with the rest of the bundle and full array of Waves plug-ins that I've got. I've also used it on the systems at the studio where I work. The interface of this plug-in is just like the rest of the plug-ins in the JJP bundle, so if you've used any of the others I think you'll be able to catch on pretty quickly with this one. It consists of a series of sliders for master level, girth, presence, doubler, space, and main. It also has knobs for sensitivity, lows, highs, and compression, as well as modes for synth, hi strings, lo strings, and piano. It can do a whole lot both in terms of signal processing for artificial strings and all sorts of keyboard sounds. I don't know how a manual for this plug-in is constructed and whether or not all of the plug-ins have one manual or not...


At home I've got the Waves Ltd. Jack Joseph Puig Keys & Strings plug-in running in Pro Tools 9. I've got it on a Mac Book Pro laptop which has 4 GB of RAM and a dual 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. I run Pro Tools 9 either stand alone or with a Digi 002R audio interface. I don't tend to use more than one instance of this plug-in at a time within a session, as it's not the type of plug-in that is going to be used on too many tracks at once, or at least I haven't had a need yet. Perhaps it has a lot to do with that, but I've yet to encounter any issues at all while running it.


The Waves Ltd. Jack Joseph Puig Keys & Strings plug-in is probably my favorite within in the JJP Signature bundle. I like it because it's unique and isn't something found in too many other places. At least in the other Signature bundles you'll get your basic instrument and vocal processors, but you won't find something like this in the other bundles. I love using this on keyboard based strings as well as piano and all types of keyboards, especially synths. It's a great plug-in for helping these types of sounds stand out a bit more in a mix. There's definitely a whole lot that can be done with it, a lot of which I'm still figuring out. The JJP Keys & Strings plug-in makes the whole bundle worth checking out, as the other plug-ins are quite worthwhile as well. While the JJP bundle isn't my favorite of the Signature Collections, this plug-in is awesome and definitely makes the bundle worth considering.