Marshall MG100DFX
Marshall MG100DFX

MG100DFX, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

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hablast 11/14/2005

Marshall MG100DFX : hablast's user review


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-4 Effects official (3In Ralite because 2 are grouped into 1)


The config is pretty easy for me, I have a friend who galre to set it up .. There's no problem but I
I hardly j'obtient the sound I want ... Finally, it is not the amp pe IDAL for me either but it's not easy to have that jveux
the manual is bogus ... Finally I have read but I get nothing


It suits my style as I play punk and punk is suitable for all ... but there are better
I play with a stagg 350h and the uber mtal Line 6
I use a rglage fatty ac
I dtest chorus in this amp is really bad qualitbr /> but I like the clean sound and I think it's the highlight of Marshall


I use it for 9 months
what I like is the clean sound +
what I like least is its weight
I just try to peavey bandit 112
I do not think this choice again .. + I would opt for a line 6 spider 212