Marshall MG100DFX
Marshall MG100DFX

MG100DFX, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

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Otlib 11/01/2005

Marshall MG100DFX : Otlib's user review


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Audience: Beginners
Transistors with 100 W amplifier technology FDD (supposed to simulate the effect of lamps)
Headphone and speaker emulation
Both channels: a Clean / Crunch and Overdrive1/Overdrive2
Four onboard effects: Delay, Chorus, Flanger anda separate reverb
Comes with a footswitch to change channels and to activate the effects
Two equalizers: A bass / med / treble / gain for the first channel
A bass / mid / treble / presence / volume for the second


Operation is very simple.
Quickly found a sound.
The effectiveness of the knobs is not very linear but hey, it's still the marshall
The manual is in French but it is not very useful to read, except maybe for beginners


For the price (I bought € 550 a year ago and a half) is not bad but not terrible either.

The sound is pretty clean and clear lens, but it lacks bass. On my Ibanez SA with simple microphones, we get a get a good clear sound pretty funky while the humbucker gives sounds more incisive and cold. Compared to another marshall tube that I tried, I find the clean sound rather well

The channel is divided into Duex saturated overdrive. Advantage for lovers of Marshall, we come to have a grain that feels the marshall. The first channel gives small enough crunchy pretty saturated (type AC / DC)
The second channel grows in saturation. And there is the drama, once you crunch the dépaase just muscled it is entitled to puree little audible. This amp is therefore whether we remain in a Zoen pop / light rock / blues but no more. (If there are fools who come to play metallica on it without pedals I want to see)
I put a 5, because there are much better as well qd amp.


I use it for a year and a half.
There is no wrong in concert
Power is sufficient and it is very robust
The price / quality ratio is pretty decent
This is my first amp and with hindsight I think I made a good choice.
He never let me down in reliability
FDD technology provides more compared to other amp transistors.