Marshall MG100DFX
Marshall MG100DFX

MG100DFX, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

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Dirt Noze 07/19/2005

Marshall MG100DFX : Dirt Noze's user review


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Amp transistors 100 watt lamps simulation (...)
2 channels (clean / overdrive)
The clean channel has a crunch button (which switches between a lightweight crunch has a saturated fat)
qualisation spare on each channel (3 bands)

4 effects (well, 3 = chorus, delay, flanger and chorus / delay effects combined in one)
rglage volume effects
a rverb numrique
an effects loop (with rglage mix the effects loop)

connections: between one cd, effects loop, line out with accumulation of hp

footswitch (it looks like There's only me who can write here ^ ^ footswitch) with 2 buttons: one to change the channel, and to enable / disable the effects rgls Prior.

and voila!

(I put 9 because the effects Systm "leaves adsirer")


Super simple setup, you need to know what rgler an amp, otherwise it is simple (a hand effects, super boring because argler 4 effects are on the same knob, to the effect rgler y ' only 1 / 4 of knob so you need precision bcp)

we obtain easily that the sound will not need to spend the day on a rglage

beginners in the manual I'm not used but I'm curious as I look and they explain everything! super well done

For example, they say that will change in a sound if you change the treble knob, etc ...
a note on the back cover four examples of rglages


Yes it suits my style of music, yes I think it sounds good (APRS There's those who can afford to pay any lamp that will spit on this amp ..)

frankly, I can have everything I want a sound as it takes to play metallica, up to a filthy fuzz dgueulasse. I play it with a stratocaster bizarre changes. frankly, nickel.

clean sound is not bad, not trs trs hot, even with the button fdd (lights simultaneously), but was enough for me, and I can not afford to have any more fa it.

APRS good I'm not a great guitarist too, I'm not on bcp jou amp, but I play with a group and frankly I do not need Exceeds 2 on the master volume.
I put that 8 pasque good, it's not the best amp in the world is a little amp for the poor ... but I like it and I think it will take me a long time.


I use it for about one week, I m'clate bcp above, ample power, as I said I am not Exceeds 2 in BPS (and again, we play hard enough).

price quality ratio is excellent Pasqua 420 can be a versatile amp to play AC / DC as the large metal nag, or even hendrix lol.
I have never done with scne.

exprience with this choice I would do probably, but there's also the Hugh & Kettner Matrix 100, which looks like a good competitor (the same price). I'm not too paper on the subject.