Marshall MG100DFX
Marshall MG100DFX

MG100DFX, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

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taz1664 01/31/2005

Marshall MG100DFX : taz1664's user review


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Is already a good transistor amp, but considering the price is normal, the power output is 100Watts that have been the main motivation for my purchase (formation of a group 30watts so it is no longer sufficient).
The connection could not be more simple: input, cd in & line out front and footswitch (included with the amp) snd fx / return jack and the HP.

digital effects are built into the amp, chorus, delay, flanger and chorus / delay. Note a small button rather effective FDD.


The use could not be simpler master volume fairly progressive for not assaulting mom in the morning but when it is released to push the power (normal but you tell me escalation is not appropriate in all the pots of I think the Masters champion, but only 110 30w unusable when mom is sleeping). equa per channel with a bass / midrange / treble, plus one for channel saturated knob contour controls the media in the presence of sounds is pushed over the closer of the NU-metal.
the Footswicht can choose between the two channels and to enable or disable the effects, when they are very hard to fine-tune all together as a single knob is leaving a quarter turn to the setting effects of each (one notched knob would have been welcome)


So it's a transistor amp agree that it should not I expect a warm sound that I like but there have been a cold shower in her clear little presence, its not a hot a sub fortunately the famous button FDD (which makes sense to emulate a tube amp) catches up a bit but it's still not blow it.
on boosted channel now (and there is this gate) to be honest I do not use any more since I try (I use the clean channel with my things) I've come so far to restart the channel and nien my opinion remains unchanged despite many changes of style settings and the saturation of this amplifier is anemic, no body, no presence, the only time we can say that the sound is OD2 is an expectation in the bottom contour where you get good sound for the NU-metal (as I play essentiellemnt ska-punk, reggae, grunge and rock type black desire, you will understand that n is not really "my sound")

I have to say that this amp since November 2002 and my point of view is shaped on the time (because at first I did not find it so bad) anyway looking back I can tell you the sound of my little Fender Champion 110 is 1000 times better than the Marshall but it lacks power.


Overall this is an amp that is its price, ie it provides the power and many adjustments, some gadgets (built-in effects), it did sound "correct" as it is not become too demanding what inevitably happens over time and by playing on this amp.

In short a very good investment for the first amplifier stage, but you'll want to replace it later for a more present and warmer. (I consider myself to buy a head with a baffle thunder50 ENGL ENGL 212V to replace Marshall)