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Countdown 07/15/2012

Randall RH 100 G2 : Countdown's user review

«  Good transistor amp hi gain! »

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Transistor 100 watt head, two named pipes "clean channel" and "overdrive channel" ...
Nevertheless, one could almost give it 3 channels since the Overdrive channel has 2 gain (1 and 2) that are footswitchables ... (great idea).

Otherwise, the front, we find:

-A headphone (just to "help", but hey, it's there!)
A master-general, very effective.
-For the clean, EQ (bass, mid, TREB), reverb level, and a small switch "boost", footswitchable (great idea too), to increase the volume of the clean channel!
-For the overdrive, level, reverb (yes, one per channel!), Contour EQ (bass, mid, TREB), with a small switch "voicing" to dig the mid, and finally gain 1 and 2.

At the rear, the outputs of Practice for speakers, 4 and 8 ohm only, and the effects loop with level one for the send and return for another.

The foot switch, 4 buttons (channel, gain, reverb and clean boost) and metal, solid and robust. Note that the cable, about 5, 6 meters, is completely removable, style Midi cable.


This head is easy to use.
The footswitch is comprehensive and practical.
No need for manual, simply turn the buttons ... and it sounds live, the moment we do not put everything thoroughly!

I do not see how to add in this category ...


For metal, it's perfect! More gain in two potato, certainly, but a gain in the cleat, it gives another voicing, so cold!
The crunch is nice also gain one. It seems that the gain is a british and 2, the "modern" Rican! Yeah! I have not found a very Marshall gain, but hey, it goes well ...
There is a good compression, the palm mutes out "big".
I used it with Ltd. (MH400 and H250), and an Epi Em1 Jackson DK2M ... Anyway! Only with humbuckers!

Some find clean ... not very good personal, I would put the average.
Of course, we can not say it is highly crystalline, but with a chorus (Jacques Meistersinger and / or Boss CE5), it was my business to the required use ...


I used it a year, and again at home.
It was my first amp head size, with his cabinet of the brand, the 212CX!
I think it is one of the best "hi gain" distortion transistor level.
I also liked the fact you can use it at low volume while keeping his big win thanks to a master usually very effective.
A reverb level per channel, that's great! This helps not having to hit depending on usage ... it's a good point.
To quibble, I regret the absence of a "level" for each win in the overdrive channel ... Instead of contour, or other voicing it would have been better ... but this is only my opinion, eh!

It blows a tad high volume! Anyway, when we play ...

The limit value for money is unbeatable for what has been said before!

Repeat the choice, not especially ... We'll always seeking better quality. That said, I was really excited about this amp and have good memories, of which the notice, long after! This amp has really impressed me and has nothing to envy some lamps ... I said cer-tain!

PS: I posted some pictures of mine and others taken from behind the net.