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inimikall 05/11/2006

Randall RH 100 G2 : inimikall's user review


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Transistor RH-100 G2
100 watt
Between a jack, headphone output i facade, an effects loop on the back with rglages effect for the input and output.
Out a direct output
3 channels (clean, crunch, lead)
2 band equalizer (1 for clean - a common for two-channel distortion)


Super simple and intuitive configuration in a few seconds you find the sound
No need for manual


I play mtal / pop, so both the calm of Bruille
I use a 7 string ibanez rg7321 up with a DiMarzio and LTD VB-200 Baritone. Tuning in though.
The sound is gnial, j'tais party to pay me a head lamp type Engl and then I tried the Randall! Bluff is exactly the sound I was looking (for 1 / 4 the price of my budget)
As if the sound is standard, the clumps are moving the bottom of my pants, gave a POTATO. The head is plugged into a 4x12 H & K Warp 7.
Only BMOL: If you change the level of clean channel, you must adjust the channel 2 is the saturated indpendant


I for 1 month
Sound standard
Yes, I had a line6, a warp 7, a laney
Qualitprix unbeatable

I would do this much choice tt