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yoTrakkz 11/09/2011

Randall RH 100 G2 : yoTrakkz's user review

« small amp clear sound »

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The Randall RG 10 is very handy. It gave me an excuse to take my guitar on road trips. Great dual rectifier modeling and some nice chorus and delay combo's that you can dial up. Cleans up very well also and it's pretty punchy for it's size. I put batteries in it and stuff it in my backpack for a little outdoor use once in a while. Had mine for a year now and have had no issues.


The effects are quite good with this amp, and I really appreciate the technical genius that must have made an amp like this run. The adjustments for tone and effects are not extensive but are voiced and set up musically so they are very useful. It sounds fine as a practice amp and really good with headphones, but here is the good part: the amp sims sound much better run from the headphone out to the PA so you can use this thing as a direct amp simulator and gig with it. I've done it --it's great. This giant sound and your playing through a square foot cube! Plug in to the mixer and play.


The amp models sound good, and the effects are also pretty nice. You can get a very surprising amount of volume from 2 watts!


For something so small, i'm amazed. I figured when i saw the size on this thing it wouldn't be great for playing in groups, but god was i wrong. This is the first amp i ever bought and it'll be the last small amp i ever buy. i love this thing. The preset tones aren't my favorite, but they're great for practice, and it takes pedals really well. Definitely buy this amp or atleast go to a store and try it out then you will want to buy it. You can keep it in your car and play anywhere at anytime.