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Kirkalx 02/15/2009

Randall RH 100 G2 : Kirkalx's user review


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- Tte transistor amp
- 100W
- A etween headphone, and a guitar from the front. Drrire there is a footswitch input, another for effects loops (I think), and 2 for connection between the baffles
- Clean: bass, mid, treble, reverb, boost. Overdrive: Gain, bass, mid, treble, reverb. Note that there are two disposable earnings (gain 2 as the most powerful)


- The configuration is very simple, no need for manual rgler Russia.
- Are easily obtained a good sound distortion in clean too, but only one type of sound is "correct", bass and reverb background. But hey, we n'achte not this amp for clean ...


- Playing heavy metal, it fits perfectly.
- I play it with a Dean Dime-o-Flame, the combination is excellent.
- You get a heavy sound frankly, the gain is very powerful, it is not made for country music what.
- The sound that I prefer is obviously that of the saturated channel even if I liked an even heavier ...


- I use it for 8 months I believe, and it suits me very well for my heavy group. I had the chance to norm this amp (head + cabinet) for 200, OCCAZ, and that price, I think I could do better dreaming, the other amps in the m Prices do I necessarly not play in the same court.