BBE Acoustimax
nakatano 05/14/2014

BBE Acoustimax : nakatano's user review

«  Excellent preamp. »

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The overall presentation of the product is easy to get, I let our friend Google fulfill its role.


Used to pre-amplify a classical guitar Maurice Dupont with a Schertler sensor before hitting the table and / or a sound card (Motu or RME).
Also used on an electric guitar or Larrivée, a Rhodes.

The connection is very well made and sturdy, nothing out of the ordinary, which is good enough when the tool is well thought out, which is the case here.

I never really used the DI output, since to do so, I prefer to "trust" my signal to my Radial J48.

The unit is really sturdy (so heavy) metal, made for the stage and its hazards ...
The manual is in English, but is it really necessary for this type of product, moreover, very intuitive?


The controls are very effective (but beware not too "fall in love" Sonic Maximizer which, in my opinion, must remain a phase corrector-very effective and non-resident, a boost of low frequencies; your engi -son enjoy this shade!).


Very good product, although preserving artifacts and defects of a preamp "electroacoustic" (treble always a little too slap bass and still a bit too soft on a classical guitar, with a touch of classical guitarist).
I used it in conjunction with a tune by micro cardio, it allowed me to get quite full and warm sound without having to suffer too worries larsens volume (reasonably) high.