BBE Acoustimax
BBE Acoustimax
mu75 04/30/2010

BBE Acoustimax : mu75's user review


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Prampli acoustic instruments, and other ...
Pramp / Equaliser + Maximize


Configuration is very simple, no need for manual, it's plug and play.
We quickly correct a sound (with equalizer).
And aesthetics and maneuverability are Russias.


I used it with a Gibson J45 Pramp (Fishman Matrix Natural piezzo 1), a Martin D35 1975 with micro LR BAGGS M1 ACTIVE, and Gibson songwriter deluxe strandard team a piezo / pr amp Fishman AURA ELIPSE.
In three cases this Pramp help sculpt the sound exctrmement well, it is a further upstream of an acoustic medium range amp for example. It also dpanne in rehearsals or mixing consoles are often of average quality and in small concert halls for the same reasons.
However on larger scene or consoles are excellent quality such case upstream will do nothing. You will just need an excellent Avalon U5 DI kind.
If I davais arrter to the judgment of Pramp / equalizer, I would put 7/10.

The maximum section: Magic certe! Enlargement of the spectrum, beautifying the perception of sound ...
BUT: It keeps Buzzer !!!!!! And the pots are unusable so the sound becomes coarse and strident when you push them.
I ramen my pedal to the store, the seller has tried his system, the pedal buzzait serious indeed, it takes another new, same ... then another, like .. . then another, same result ... Let me tell you that it is the one manufacturing defects on a whole series of Acoustimax.
The views and regret this situation and to maximize section, beautiful but USELESS !! I votrais: 0/10 !!!!!


What saves this tool is its practical side, adpanne upstream of an average hardware.
But if you go on runs on big shows or if you play in well quips in his clubs, this device is unnecessary and dtriorera your sound.
The report qualitprix is ​​bad in terms of maximizing the default manufacturing.
How can one day sell our pedal that much buzz !!!
In short, I pedal my ramen for me to reimburse
My buddy like mandolin.
Too bad because this pedal dgage when even a good sound Pramp, the EQ is of good quality and nice look.
But today we must demand perfection of products that buys!
Working with BBE bacl !!!