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Solid-State Guitar Preamps user reviews

  • Morley JD10 Jerry Donahue

    Morley JD10 Jerry Donahue - kh777's review


    It is a preamp (model Jerry Donahue) transistor simulation with HP. Input and output jack, power supply and compartment for 9V battery. It was a setting on the front of the gain (drive), low, medium, sharp and a master volume. The two red switches ar…

  • Nameofsound NOS'BOX

    Nameofsound NOS'BOX - orphee11's review


    It's an upscale distortion pedal, Made in France, relatively large, no lights (and yet what a sound!), Delivered with its transformer. UTILIZATION The pedal steel seems as solid as a tank, the finish is neat. Configuaration is the basic, the knob…

  • Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station

    Amt Electronics DT-2 Dist Station - ibanez_grx070's review


    Analog distortion pedals, battery power or 9volt sector. Button cheap UTILIZATION The PDAL is very simple to use, it RULES equalizer and is selected with the buttons slide the noise difference SOUNDS The pedals sound rotten, it's already a …

  • Rocktron Taboo Artist

    Rocktron Taboo Artist - Anonyme's review


    A combo amp + multi-effect transistor while, but that sounds way amazing! Full metal chassis, super-solid, knobs identical, and the expression pedal is a removable Ernie Ball. It means everything! In short, we do not care for us at Rocktron ... Yo…

  • Rocktron mAXE

    Rocktron mAXE - philbakermetal's review


    Transistor UTILIZATION Simple SOUNDS I play with a guitar custom made by a luthier in my area has a single EMG 81 bridge and a handle-style harpoon. juser this guitar for playing death metal in the years previous I rechercahsi therefore its b…

  • Fishman Aura

    Fishman Aura - tourtour's review


    No test per se, but viewing the demo video on the site fishman USE The result seems to be very disappointing. The comparison between natural and processed by the procedé of modeling highlights the artificiality of the system SOUNDS This k…

  • Schertler PRE-A II

    Schertler PRE-A II - modjem's review


    Practical and very strong UTILIZATION The sound is rs Faithful SOUNDS I use this unit with the sensor BLUESTiCK guitar on an acoustic mandolin luthier. The sound is Faithful; on stage, it puts me at the same level as the other instruments (ma…

  • Rocktron Taboo Artist

    Rocktron Taboo Artist - cmoa83's review


    Multi-type effects numrique Pdalier. Very practical in its format and solid Ts (limit indestructible! Lol) everything is alluvial. Switch type are also buttons mtalliques trs sound and speech Ernie Ball pedals like the rest is Designed to live 100 …

  • Fishman Pro-EQ

    Fishman Pro-EQ - iltizzone's review


    It is a wonderful little Preamp 9V battery (life: several years) that we clip on the strap AR acoustic guitar equipped with a sensor. UTILIZATION - 4-band EQ (treble middle bass presence) on the back, a screw can play on bass and address potentia…

  • Fishman Classic 4

    Fishman Classic 4 - theedge73's review


    Volume Basses Treble Mediums Brightness 1 9V battery easily accessible USE ...dropoff Window SOUNDS Top Notch, An impressive performance, you will never go past the half volume .. The sound is really very natural, no fr…