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Solid-State Guitar Preamps user reviews

  • Rocktron GDP ProRax

    Rocktron GDP ProRax - Déjà vu's review


    Analog preamp distortion very solid half rack format. Front, one can find several settings including the bass, mids that can be refined with a parametric equalizer that goes from 0.5 to 4 kHz, a gain setting accompanied by a noise gate, treble A ge…

  • Taylor K4

    Taylor K4 - " Now we know"


    Transistor preamp with transformer coupling in and out. inputs and outputs XLR and TRS output + tuner and loop insertion 3-band EQ with parametric medium. The knobs are weaklings. UTILIZATION Simple and easy to use provided it is not mis…

  • Nobels Sound Studio 1X

    Nobels Sound Studio 1X - " Apart from the breath is rather well"


    Note, I have a simple (not 1x) version 1, with the following differences: fixed chorus, no tone control, no control dist. The machine is like my late rockman, supplied with more and less so 6v 8 6v batteries. As against the Nobels comes with the…

  • Fishman Pro-EQ II

    Fishman Pro-EQ II - " Super"


    External transistor preamp for stringed instrument (guitar violin, etc.) jack 6.35 phase inversion, Brightness, bass, mids, Treble UTILIZATION Simplissime No need for manual Great sound SOUNDS I use a simon patrick which I change the …

  • Gallien Krueger 2000CPL

    Gallien Krueger 2000CPL - " Just great!"


    Gallien Krueger CPL 2000, made in USA, very strong, very well built preamp fromat 19 "but very narrow and compact. I chose it for its ultra full connectivity including the headphone jack, stereo auxiliary in taking etc ... This is the perfect compani…

  • Nobels Sound Studio 1X

    Nobels Sound Studio 1X - " A rediscover"


    Type of amplification: headphone amp to PDO created in the 80's in the same vein as the Rocktron. 100% analog Connections: 1 guitar input, 2 outputs, effects loop Power: that is to play with headphones or use as a preamp / effect Settings: firs…

  • Marshall Drp 1

    Marshall Drp 1 - " A JCM800 in the pocket"


    Transistor preamp Connectors: Input (guitar), taking alimention 9V, 9V battery slot, output Pre-amp Out (6.35), Line Out / FX Out (6.35), Input Headphone In / FX In (6, 35) Headphone output (3.5) Power: Sufficient to work at home, or headphones. …

  • Nameofsound NOS'BOX

    Nameofsound NOS'BOX - " The Big Big it still stings"


    Connected Blackstar HT5 head and Bugera 4x12 ISF of the head on the side Rican typed mesa. Tested side Roast typed Marshall is not bad but too heavy for me 80's On the version that I have no accommodation for a 9V battery, so transformer req…

  • BBE Acoustimax

    BBE Acoustimax - " Good product"


    Description: Prampli acoustic guitar. Functions: Gain, EQ, Notch, Maximizer, output volume. Connection: I / O jack Tuner Output, Effects Loop, Line out to Jack. Pad for the first post-12dB switch, switch phase. Di symmetrical output …

  • Rocktron PRO G.A.P.

    Rocktron PRO G.A.P. - " THE metal distortion for Old-School"


    programmable guitar preamp transistor 80s, MIDI implementation, with the very famous HUSH noise-gate. It has two knobs for the settings, a knob to settle the AGX (Automatic Gain expansion) threshold, and a knob for the output level. It is good to…