Focusrite ISA 428
Focusrite ISA 428

ISA 428, Solid-State Pre-amp from Focusrite in the ISA series.

soccerplayer25 03/26/2008

Focusrite ISA 428 : soccerplayer25's user review


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The Focusrite ISA 428 is a solid-state analog external preamplifier. There are both XLR and 1/4'' inputs and outputs and has inserts for instruments on the front of it. It is a rackable unit.


While one might get lost looking at all of the knobs at first glance, its a pretty easy unit to get used to with a ton of control. It has both a fixed gain knob which you can move to certain fixed levels and a free one to adjust smaller increments for total control. I've never had access to a manual for it.


While it certainly doesn't have the warmth that a tube preamp would have, it does have a very clear sound and sounds great both with mics and directly plugged in. It doesn't color the sound too much, depending of course if you use the filters or some of the other features. If you go straight through with the preamp it will give you quite an accurate sound.


I've been using this for about 6 months and the thing I love most about it how many different options you have to shape your sound. Its also great to have 4 separate preamps at a very reasonable price when you break it down to price per preamp. It is a great all in one solution if you need a few extra high quality preamps. However, if you are looking for a top end preamp, I would look elsewhere for a single or dual channel preamp that will run you around the same price, but the preamps will be higher quality.