RME Audio OctaMic II
RME Audio OctaMic II

OctaMic II, Solid-State Pre-amp from RME Audio in the OctaMic series.

kluck 08/28/2010

RME Audio OctaMic II : kluck's user review

«  Simple and effective »

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Transistor preamplifier with 8 channels of ADAT digital converting


connectors on the rear
8 mic / line (combo XLR / jack)
8 output jack online

2 ADAT ports to enter SMUX (up to 96 kHz)
worldclock a port 25 and a pin

for each channel to be 48v, a lo cut and phase reverse course and gain an Knob


For the sound quality:
the trick of RME it is the dynamics and transparency, not showy, but the arrival of easy to work undertaken in the mix


In summary
Reliable, super reliable even (never had a stall), clear that at first a bit confusing but it allows for a bit after the fact what you want to mix

he came to replace and there adda8000 behringer preamp level and stability that is day and night.
I use them before a HD24 (dtd 24 tracks) World clock synchronized on an external clock
the only regret is the lack of pad on the battery taken it can sometimes miss