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Solid-State Pre-amps user reviews

  • FMR Audio RNP8380

    FMR Audio RNP8380 - "Works good, but nothing stands out to me for this price"


    The FMR RNP8380 is a solid preamp that works great; it has 2 channels with balanced XLR connectors. This preamp is very small and is made for a table top, it is not rackable. The gain range is 0-66dB with a clipping level of +27.5dBu. On the front of…

  • Audient MICO

    Audient MICO - "The preamps rock!"


    The Audient MICO is a 2 channel mic preamp that is compact and has some really solid features for the price. This would be one of my first options to go with if I was starting my career all over again and wanted a smaller desktop style interface. Th…

  • Daking Mic Pre One

    Daking Mic Pre One - "A small box, with a great sound"


    The Daking Mic Pre One is one of the simplest preamps that you will ever see. It is easy to understand and use no matter how seasoned you are working with preamps and it is also at a very competitive price. This solid state preamp has 1 channel and p…

  • Avalon M5

    Avalon M5 - "Great but very expensive"


    This preamp is a single channel unit made by Avalon, the M5 has phantom power and it can be racked if you choose to rack it but it will take up 2 rack spaces. There are no compression or EQ on the M5 but it does have 1 XLR inputs and 1 XLR output, bo…

  • Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-2

    Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-2 - "+25dB"


    The Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-2 is a 2 channel +25dB microphone preamp. It is a smaller unit but it is very portable and well built for its price range and size. It cost 250 dollars; I have had this since last summer and never had any issues w…

  • Focusrite ISA One Digital

    Focusrite ISA One Digital - "A great find with this affordable preamp"


    The Focusrite ISA One is a analog portable preamp. I have been using it for about 8 months though it has been out longer than that. It does come with a user manual in digital format in case you need some help getting started but the manual is not nec…

  • Golden Age Project Pre-73

    Golden Age Project Pre-73 - "300 or 1200 Ohms switchable"


    The Golden Age Project Pre73 MKII is a microphone preamp that comes in at a very fair price if you ask me! It has a max gain of 80dB and line input range from -20 to 10dB. The microphone impedance can be switched between 1200 and 300 OHM. The Golden …

  • API Audio 212L

    API Audio 212L - "The Best Pre Ever" has images


    If you want a Pre Amp that has massive head room and sounds so clean it will blow your mind, then buy API. API is a the industry standard in the larger studios such as mine. This unit is used daily on every and any instrument we record. We always tu…

  • Universal Audio 8110

    Universal Audio 8110 - "Octo-pre-GOD!"


    This is an analog unit with the typical xlr and trs connections. Unlike the 4110, this unit sadly does not have the instrument input. UTILIZATION Utilization is super simple- pre and post gain and 3 voice selection on each of the 8 preamps. Typical…

  • Focusrite Red 7 Mono Mic-Pre & Dynamics

    Focusrite Red 7 Mono Mic-Pre & Dynamics - "easy to config"


    The Focusrite Red 7 Mono Mic-Pre is an analog based, solid state channel strip that contains a preamplifier, an optical compressor and a four band equalizer. It has 1/4 inch connections as well as an XLR input for your microphone. It is powered by th…